Case Study

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Crafting a comprehensive vaccine framing in Europe


Everyone deserves a chance to lead a healthy and productive life. The place a child is born should not influence access to life-saving vaccines, which are cost-effective and proven. Although great progress had been made towards achieving equal access to vaccines, for this project more commitment was needed. In order to drive the vaccines agenda further in Europe, a successful engagement plan was required. This involved identifying the right partners from private sector, government and other global health organisations and devising a plan including effective messaging to stimulate action.


Skating Panda started by creating a European vaccine advocacy landscape map to inform future work with partners. Subsequently appropriate framing and a long list of engagement ideas was developed to advance the vaccines agenda in Europe. Skating Panda worked with BMGF to refine the engagement ideas, resulting in a detailed engagement plan which included four creative activation to promote the vaccine agenda to key audiences.


The advocacy landscape map delivered by Skating Panda informed the overall strategic direction of the BMGF vaccine delivery programme, convening the greater vaccine community and galvanising major stakeholders. This community, in turn, worked to ensure that life-saving vaccines were introduced into countries where people need them most and to support the innovation needed to develop new vaccines and new technologies and approaches.