Case Study

Make Poverty History

Mobilizing world leaders to take action against poverty
Make Poverty History

Mobilizing world leaders and people around the world, we helped change people’s behaviour to take action against poverty- which lives on today.

The biggest ever anti-poverty movement came together under the banner of Make Poverty History in 2005 calling for urgent action for more and better aid, debt cancellation and trade justice. Millions of people took action in the inaugural Make Poverty History march and rally in 2005

Although Make Poverty History came to an end in 2006, the campaigns helped inspire various members to work together on further campaigns. In 2009, MPs and candidates were contacted by local campaigners and handed a copy of the Vote Global manifesto. In 2010, over 40,000 emails were sent demanding a Robin Hood Tax and people emailed their candidates calling for a reduction of CO2 emissions of 40% by 2020.