Our mission is to empower ambitious leaders and organisations to achieve positive impact

We enable businesses to become purpose led

Businesses are working to become better corporate citizens and this can be a daunting and unfamiliar process. We navigate the challenges organisations face and embed positive impact into the heart of the business strategy.

We help non-profits to innovate

Non-profits are becoming more innovative and commercially minded. We develop creative strategic solutions across communications, marketing, policy, fundraising, branding, campaigning and more. We believe in the work you do and we want to tell your story in the most impactful way possible.

Together we are changing the world

Our breadth and experience across communications, strategy, and partnerships in both the business and non-profit worlds means we are focused, bold and pioneering. We empower our clients to realise their ambitions, challenge the conventional and create the most purposeful change possible.

We work with some of the most influential change makers in the world

Our partners include major charities & NGOs, international broadcasters, top global businesses and social enterprises looking to improve their positive impact.

We do this by guiding and challenging you to be innovative in how you operate and arrive at simple, compelling ideas that guide your strategy, form creative connections, and amplify your messages.

A panda is a rare beast and one that can skate is even rarer

Our team offers a rich blend of private sector and non-profit experience with expertise in communications, partnerships, PR, design, production, strategy, policy, corporate social responsibility and much more.

  • Andrea Hartley

  • Gemma Cropper

    Managing Director
  • Jonathan Wise

    Strategy Director
  • Camilla Beretta

    Researcher and Coordinator
  • Mandy Ayres

    Associate Consultant
  • Holly Jamieson

    Marketing and Development Consultant
  • Claire Barry

    Senior Strategist
  • Lisa Talia Moretti

    Director of Emerging Technology
  • Caroline Whaley

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