Every client project receives a bespoke response. Our strategies are devised for the long term, from a global perspective.

We’re big on collaboration – matchmaking causes with assets, bringing voices to campaigns, business partners to charities, artists to causes – figuring out how they can best work together to maximise their impact. Then we get stuff done, using proven methodologies that drive innovative strategies for change.

  • We offer:
  • Strategic review
    We ensure that goals are clear and measurable
  • Narrative and messaging
    We identify your niche and develop key messages, presenting them in crisp, accessible language
  • Advocacy
    We work out who can make change happen globally, and how to influence them
  • Content and creative development
    We produce compelling stories and images for TV, digital and other media platforms that amplify messages and move audiences to action
  • Media relations and communications services
    We ensure that messages are delivered to your targets via the right channels for maximum impact
  • Talent management and partnerships
    We specialise in bringing together artists and causes to open eyes, touch hearts and change lives
  • Fundraising strategies
    Connecting causes and resources is key to our clients’ success
  • Brand partnerships
    We connect great brands with the right causes to make a difference
  • Evaluation
    We monitor and measure results to ensure our clients get the best possible value and our work together delivers real social benefits