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Client: Malaria No More – launch of UK organisation

malaria no more


It’s a stark fact and a terrifying statistic that more than 650,000 people, mostly children under five years of age, will die from malaria this year, many of them for lack of a simple mosquito net. Malaria is preventable, and with the right actions, malaria deaths could be ended in our lifetime.

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Scope of work

Malaria No More USA had been raising awareness and funds internationally for nets and medical treatment since 2006. In 2008 the organisation decided to extend into the UK.

Following an approach by Malaria No More USA, Skating Panda was asked to help set up Malaria No More UK from scratch. We helped identify and recruit the CEO and team, as well as devise a communications strategy across all media for the first three years.


With a high profile launch required, Skating Panda secured figureheads in Andy Murray, David Beckham and Denise Lewis, a real coup for Malaria No More UK. A launch at Downing Street with Prime Minister Gordon Brown further cemented the profile of this campaign. Launch coverage was unprecedented with over 250 million people reached in the summer of 2009, with an estimated AVE of at least £4m, excluding online activity. All on a budget of just £50k.

“Skating Panda was instrumental in drawing up the initial communications strategy for Malaria No More UK. Skating Panda oversaw the charity’s public launch in 2009 which included a shoot with David Beckham and Andy Murray to produce a short film in which they explained their support for the charity; and the photo call at No.10 with the Prime Minister, David, Andy and Denise Lewis which generated widespread coverage across the UK press. Another key project which Skating Panda worked on was the initial pitch and planning for our partnership with ITV as sole charity recipient for I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! We are very pleased with all the support Andrea has given to Malaria No More UK and would recommend her to others.”

Sarah Kline, Former Executive Director, Malaria No More UK